Simulation of machining 3D free-form surface in normal direction using 6-SSP and 4SPS+UPU parallel machine tools

Research paper by Yi Lu

Indexed on: 09 May '06Published on: 09 May '06Published in: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


A novel 6-SSP parallel machine tool and a novel 4SPS+UPU parallel machine tool are presented, and a novel CAD approach is proposed to machine a 3D free-form surface in its normal direction by using the two parallel machine tools. First, by adopting the CAD geometry constraint and dimension-driving technique, the simulation mechanisms of a 6-SSP parallel manipulator with 6-DOF and a 4SPS+UPU parallel manipulator with 5-DOF are created. Second, a 3D free-form surface and a guiding plane of tool path are constructed above the moving platform of the two simulation mechanisms. Third, the tool axis of simulation parallel machine tool is retained perpendicular to the 3D free-form surface. In the light of two prescribed tool paths, the driving limbs and the pose of the moving platform of parallel machine tools are solved automatically and visualized dynamically.