Simulation and parallel connection of step-down piezoelectric transformers

Research paper by Vo Viet Thang, Insung Kim, Soonjong Jeong, Minsoo Kim, Jaesung Song

Indexed on: 28 Jan '12Published on: 28 Jan '12Published in: The journal of the Korean Physical Society


Piezoelectric transformers have been used widely in electronic circuits due to advantages such as high efficiency, miniaturization and no flammability; however the output power has been limited. For overcoming this drawback, some research has recently been focused on connections between piezoelectric transformers. Based on these operations, the output power has been improved compared to the single operation. Parallel operation of step-down piezoelectric transformers is presented in this paper. An important factor affecting the parallel operation of piezoelectric transformer was the resonance frequency, and a small difference in resonance frequencies was obtained with transformers having the same dimensions and fabricating processes. The piezoelectric transformers were found to operate in first radial mode at a frequency of 68 kHz. An equivalent circuit was used to investigate parallel driving of piezoelectric transformers and then to compare the result with experimental observations. The electrical characteristics, including the output voltage, output power and efficient were measured at a matching resistive load. Effects of frequency on the step-down ratio and of the input voltage on the power properties in the simulation were similar to the experimental results. The output power of the parallel operation was 35 W at a load of 50 Ω and an input voltage of 100 V; the temperature rise was 30 °C and the efficiency was 88%.