Simplified off-gas analyses in animal cell cultures for process monitoring and control purposes.

Research paper by Mathias M Aehle, Artur A Kuprijanov, Sebastian S Schaepe, Rimvydas R Simutis, Andreas A Lübbert

Indexed on: 12 Jul '11Published on: 12 Jul '11Published in: Biotechnology Letters


Batch-to-batch reproducibility of animal cell cultures can significantly be enhanced using process control procedures. Most informative signals for advanced process control can be derived from the volume fractions of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the vent line of the reactors. Here we employed simple low-cost sensors, previously not considered for off-gas analysis at a laboratory-scale cell cultures, and compared them with a simultaneously used quadrupole mass spectrometer, i.e., the standard equipment. A decisive advantage is that the sensors did not need any calibration and are easy to use. We show that monitoring and advanced control of cell cultures can significantly be simplified using the devices tested here and that the same batch-to-batch reproducibility can be obtained with much less effort than before.