SICNNs with Li-Yorke Chaotic Outputs on a Time Scale

Research paper by Mehmet Onur Fen, Fatma Tokmak Fen

Indexed on: 10 Oct '16Published on: 04 Oct '16Published in: Neurocomputing


The existence of Li-Yorke chaos in the dynamics of shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks (SICNNs) on time scales is investigated. It is rigorously proved by taking advantage of external inputs that the outputs of SICNNs exhibit Li-Yorke chaos. The theoretical results are supported by simulations, and the controllability of chaos on the time scale is demonstrated by means of the Pyragas control technique. This is the first time in the literature that the existence as well as the control of chaos are provided for neural networks on time scales.

Figure 10.1016/j.neucom.2016.09.073.0.jpg
Figure 10.1016/j.neucom.2016.09.073.1.jpg