Shortcut to adiabatic gate teleportation

Research paper by Alan C. Santos, Raphael D. Silva, Marcelo S. Sarandy

Indexed on: 08 Jan '16Published on: 08 Jan '16Published in: Quantum Physics


We introduce a shortcut to the adiabatic gate teleportation model of quantum computation. More specifically, we determine fast local counterdiabatic Hamiltonians able to implement teleportation as a universal computational primitive. In this scenario, we provide the counterdiabatic driving for arbitrary n-qubit gates, which allows to achieve universality through a variety of gate sets. Remarkably, our approach maps the superadiabatic Hamiltonian for an arbitrary n-qubit gate teleportation into the implementation of a rotated superadiabatic dynamics of an n-qubit state teleportation. This result is rather general, with the speed of the evolution only dictated by the quantum speed limit. In particular, we analyze the energetic cost for different Hamiltonian interpolations in the context of the energy-time complementarity.