Sharp Spectral Asymptotics for Operators with Irregular Coefficients. IV. Multidimensional Schroedinger operator with a strong magnetic field. Full-rank case

Research paper by Victor Ivrii

Indexed on: 30 May '11Published on: 30 May '11Published in: Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs


With derive sharp spectral asymptotics (with the remainder estimate $O(\mu ^{-1}h^{1-d}+\mu ^{\frac{d} {2}-1}h^{1-\frac{d}{2}})$ for $d$-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator with a strong magnetic field; here $h$ and $\mu$ are Plank and binding constants respectively and magnetic intensity matrix has full rank at each point. In comparison with version 1 of 4.5 year ago this version contains more results (we also study some degenerations), improvements and some minor corrections.