Shape Memory Hooks Employed in Fasteners

Research paper by D. Vokoun, D. Majtás, M. Frost, P. Sedlák, P. Šittner

Indexed on: 21 Mar '09Published on: 21 Mar '09Published in: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance


We study shape memory hooks employed in releasable fasteners. The designed fastener in question consists of two identical parts, each one containing an array of hooks made of the shape memory alloy with the pseudoelastic behavior at room temperature. The fastening function consists in interlocking of the hooks of the either part together. The firmness of the connection is tested for various hook geometry and heat treatment of the hooks. A model for the mechanical response of a loaded single shape memory hook is developed and described. Both the model and the experimental data indicate the firmness of the connection increases with increasing hook curvature and hook density. In the study, we also present the fastener manufacture using NiTi wires with a diameter of 150 μm.