Sex-related risks of recurrence of atrial fibrillation after ablation: Insights from the Guangzhou Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Registry.

Research paper by Hai H Deng, Alena A Shantsila, Pi P Guo, Tatjana S TS Potpara, Xianzhang X Zhan, Xianhong X Fang, Hongtao H Liao, Yang Y Liu, Wei W Wei, Lu L Fu, Yumei Y Xue, Shulin S Wu, Gregory Y H GYH Lip

Indexed on: 27 Jan '19Published on: 27 Jan '19Published in: Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases


Female sex has been linked with worse prognosis in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). Clinical risk stratification of women with AF may help decision-making before catheter ablation (CA). To evaluate arrhythmia outcomes and the predictive value of clinical scores for arrhythmia recurrence in a large cohort of Chinese patients with AF undergoing CA. A total 1410 of patients (68.1% men) who underwent AF ablation with scheduled follow-up were analysed retrospectively. Baseline characteristics and ablation outcome were compared between men and women. The predictive values of risk scoring systems for AF recurrence were assessed in women. Recurrence, early recurrence and complications after CA were similar in women and men over similar follow-up periods (20.7±8.0 vs 20.7±9.1 months; P>0.05). Compared with men, women with AF recurrence were older and had a larger left atrial diameter (LAD), less paroxysmal AF, lower left ventricular ejection fraction, lower estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and higher serum concentrations of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and C-reactive protein (CRP) (all P<0.01). Multivariable analysis showed that age, non-paroxysmal AF, body mass index, coronary artery disease, LAD, early recurrence, eGFR, BNP and CRP were independent risk factors with sex differences (all P<0.05) in the whole cohort. In women, only non-paroxysmal AF, early recurrence, BNP, CRP (all P<0.01) and history of stroke/transient ischaemic attack (P=0.016) were independent risk factors. Of the clinical scoring systems tested, MB-LATER, APPLE, CAAP-AF and BASE-AF scores (C-indexes 0.73, 0.72, 0.68 and 0.72, respectively; all P<0.01) had a modest predictive value for AF recurrence after CA in women. CA for AF has similar recurrence risks in women and men, but there are sex differences in the clinical characteristics and risk factors associated with AF recurrence. Copyright © 2019 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

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