Sex and side differences and correlations between quantitative palmar characteristics in a sample Sardinian population.

Research paper by G G Floris

Indexed on: 01 Mar '75Published on: 01 Mar '75Published in: American Journal of Physical Anthropology


Defferences between the sexes and between the sides and the correlations between four quantitative characteristics of palmar dermatoglyphics in a sample population of 809 individuals (418 males and 391 females) from the city of Cagliari, Sardinia, are tested. Males have a greater number of ridges than females, shown by a greater a-b ridge count and A-d ridge count, and a more transverse slope of the main lines, shown by a greater main line index and papillary number. The left palm shows a greater number of ridges than the right palm between the A line and the triradius d and between the triradii a and b, with a lower main line index and papillary number. The a-b ridge count has a negative correlation with the main line index and with the papillary number and a positive one with the A-d ridge count; these correlations are greater in the left palms, especially in the males.