Separation of mixtures and distribution of a liquid on a structured packing in a large-scale model of a distillation column

Research paper by A. N. Pavlenko, N. I. Pecherkin, V. Yu. Chekhovich, V. E. Zhukov, S. Sunder, P. Houghton, A. F. Serov, A. D. Nazarov

Indexed on: 01 Jul '06Published on: 01 Jul '06Published in: Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering


A large-scale experimental setup is designed to study the hydrodynamic parameters and the mass-transfer efficiency in a countercurrent flow of mixtures of Freon R21 and Freon R114 on structured packings in a column 0.9 m in diameter. The study deals with the local and integral parameters of separation of the mixture, the degrees of nonuniformity of the flow rates and concentration distributions of the liquid and vapor phases over a cross section and on the column wall, and the pressure difference while varying the number of packing layers and their rotation angle. The mass-transfer processes while independently varying the liquid and vapor flow rates over wide ranges are also investigated. Experimental data are presented to illustrate the effect of the operating parameters on the height of an equivalent theoretical plate, the relative pressure difference, and the distributions of the local parameters of the flows.