Séparation des Dansylaminoacides par chromatographie bidirectionnelle sur papier à texture fine. 2ième partie: Associations de chromatographies de partage

Research paper by R. L. Munier, A. M. Drapier, C. Thommegay

Indexed on: 01 Oct '72Published on: 01 Oct '72Published in: Chromatographia


In this paper it is shown that the dansylamino acids with low mobility in partition chromatography in the solvent-mixture toluene/2-chloroethanol/pyridine/0.8 N ammonium hydroxide [7] containing n-octylalcohol [18, 21] can be separated by partition chromatography (second direction) using solvent-mixtures of the type alcohol/acid/water if the paper sheet has previously been impregnated with the sodium salt of the acid present in the mobile phase. The separations are particularly remarkable for dansyl-aminodicarboxylic acids, for di-dansylcystine and dansylamino amides. These separations were achieved on Whatman No. 20 finely textured paper; the spots are small [5, 21, 27]. The optimum quantity of each dansylamino acid to be used is 6 nanomoles. The authors also illustrate separations obtained with mixtures of the type: alcohol/acid/water on paper which was not salt-treated, and with mixtures of the type: alcohol/water on paper impregnated with sodium salts (acetate, borate).