Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Pelvic Tumors: Clinical Indications and Protocols Under Investigation.

Research paper by Marco M Maccauro, Alice A Lorenzoni, Flavio F Crippa, Gianpiero G Manca, Sotirios S Chondrogiannis, Francesco F Giammarile, Patrick M PM Colletti, Gary J GJ Cook, Domenico D Rubello

Indexed on: 26 Feb '16Published on: 26 Feb '16Published in: Clinical nuclear medicine


Sentinel lymph node (SLN) sampling is an attractive alternative to complete lymphadenectomy. Based on the identification and sampling of the first LN draining a primary tumor, SLN biopsy is the most accurate and the only reliable method for microscopic nodal staging for solid tumors including breast cancer and melanoma. Lymph node status in pelvic tumors remains the most important prognostic factor for recurrence and survival and a major decision criterion for adjuvant therapy. We review the clinical indications, controversies, and perspective of SLN biopsy in male and female pelvic cancers.