Sensitivity and specificity of phenoloxidase reactions of 1059 strains and species of Micromycetes cultivated on malt/agar medium.

Research paper by M M Rahouti, J L JL Benoit-Guyod, F F Seigle-Murandi, P P Guiraud

Indexed on: 01 Sep '95Published on: 01 Sep '95Published in: World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology


The phenoloxidase (POx) activities of 1059 strains and species of micromycetes were determined on malt/agar medium. Overall, 600 (57%) of the isolates produced one or more POx. The sensitivity and specificity of the POx activities towards various substrates were used to group the isolates. Some 187 strains (31% of those producing POx) produced well-defined enzymes, 236 (39%) produced incompletely identified enzymes and 177 (30%) produced other, unidentified POx.