Sensitivity Analysis of the GIUH based Clark Model for a Catchment

Research paper by Rakesh Kumar, C. Chatterjee, A. K. Lohani, Sanjay Kumar, R. D. Singh

Indexed on: 01 Aug '02Published on: 01 Aug '02Published in: Water Resources Management


For estimation of runoff response of an ungauged catchment resulting from a rainfall event, geomorphologicalinstantaneous unit hydrograph (GIUH) approach is getting popularbecause of its direct application to an ungauged catchment. Itavoids adoption of tedious methods of regionalization of unithydrograph; wherein, the historical rainfall-runoff data of anumber of gauged catchments are required to be analyzed. In thisstudy, the GIUH derived from geomorphological characteristics ofa catchment has been related to the parameters of Clark IUH modelfor deriving its complete shape. The DSRO hydrographs estimatedby the GIUH based Clark model have been compared with the DSROhydrographs computed by the Clark IUH model option of the HEC-1package and the Nash IUH model by employing some of the commonlyused error functions. Sensitivity analysis of the GIUH basedClark model has been conducted with the objective to identify thegeomorphological and other model parameters which are moresensitive in estimation of peak of unit hydrographs computed bythe GIUH based Clark model. So that these parameters may beevaluated with more precision for accurate estimation of floodhydrographs for the ungauged catchments.