Sensitivity Analysis and Model Validation of a 2-DoF Mini Spherical Robot

Research paper by Matteo Palpacelli, Giacomo Palmieri; Luca Carbonari; David Corinaldi

Indexed on: 04 Aug '18Published on: 01 Aug '18Published in: Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems


This paper is focused on the development and validation of an error kinematic model of a mini spherical robot, aimed at its kinematic calibration. The robot is actually a spatial five-bar linkage, provided with two rotational degrees of freedom. A non-overconstrained kinematics is assumed for the robot in order to provide a simple mathematical model and allow a sensitivity analysis of all the involved geometric parameters. A simplified version of the model is proposed. It differs only for the degree of approximation. A comparison between full and reduced models is presented by means of numerical simulations, analyzing their behavior in a significant region of the robot workspace. In order to validate both of them a robot calibration is carried out on a physical prototype of the robot using a vision system, namely a fixed camera in a eye-to-hand configuration. An iterative algorithm aimed at the experimental identification of the geometric data of the robot is used. Some experimental results show the effectiveness of the study.