Self-Gravitational Corrections to the Cardy-Verlinde Formula and the FRW Brane Cosmology in SdS_5 Bulk

Research paper by Mohammad R. Setare, Elias C. Vagenas

Indexed on: 30 May '04Published on: 30 May '04Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


The semiclassical corrections to the Cardy-Verlinde entropy of a five-dimensional Schwarzschild de-Sitter black hole (SdS_5) are explicitly evaluated. These corrections are considered within the context of KKW analysis and arise as a result of the self-gravitation effect. In addition, a four-dimensional spacelike brane is considered as the boundary of the SdS_5 bulk background. It is already known that the induced geometry of the brane is exactly given by that of a radiation-dominated FRW universe. By exploiting the CFT/FRW-cosmology relation, we derive the self-gravitational corrections to the first Friedmann-like equation which is the equation of the brane motion. The additional term that arises due to the semiclassical analysis can be viewed as stiff matter where the self-gravitational corrections act as the source for it. This result is contrary to standard analysis that regards the charge of SdS_5 bulk black hole as the source for stiff matter. Furthermore, we rewrite the Friedmann-like equation in a such way that it represents the conservation equation of energy of a point particle moving in a one-dimensional effective potential. The self-gravitational corrections to the effective potential and, consequently, to the point particle's motion are obtained. A short analysis on the asymptotic behavior of the 4-dimensional brane is presented.