Self-focusing and self-compression of a laser pulse in the presence of an external tapered magnetized density-ramp plasma

Research paper by N. Saedjalil, S. Jafari

Indexed on: 03 Apr '16Published on: 30 Mar '16Published in: High Energy Density Physics


In this paper, the effects of external tapered axial magnetic field and plasma density-ramp on the spatiotemporal evolution of the laser pulse in inhomogeneous plasma have been studied. The external magnetic field can modify the refractive index of plasma and consequently intensifies the nonlinear effects. By considering the relativistic nonlinearity effect, self-focusing and self-compression of the laser beam propagating through the magnetized plasma have been investigated, numerically. Numerical results indicate that self-focusing and self-compression are better enhanced in a tapered magnetic field than in a uniform one. Besides, in plasma density-ramp profile, self-focusing and self-compression of the laser beam improve in comparison with no ramp structure. In addition, with increasing both the slope of the density ramp and slope constant parameter of the tapered magnetic field, the laser focusing increases, properly, in short distances of the laser propagation through the plasma.

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