Self diffusion studies on cobalt thin films

Research paper by J J B Prasad, K V Reddy

Indexed on: 01 Mar '85Published on: 01 Mar '85Published in: Bulletin of Materials Science


The study of lateral diffusion in thin metallic films is important from the application point of view, especially in electromigration reliability studies. Lateral self diffusion in cobalt thin films is studied using a non-destructive tracer scanning method. Neutron irradiation is employed to make a well-defined radioactive (60Co) region in the middle of a continuous cobalt thin film stripe of width 3 mm. The experimental data are fitted to the appropriate solution of the diffusion equations by means of a non-linear least square fitting procedure using a computer. The diffusion experiments are conducted in the temperature range 300–600°C in argon atmosphere. This thin film data are compared with the diffusion data available on bulk cobalt. The activation energy for surface diffusion obtained (0·14 eV) is very much smaller than the reported activation energy for grain boundary diffusion in cobalt.