Selective homonuclear decoupling in 1H NMR: application to visualization of enantiomers in chiral aligning medium and simplified analyses of spectra in isotropic solutions.

Research paper by Uday Ramesh UR Prabhu, N N Suryaprakash

Indexed on: 10 Apr '10Published on: 10 Apr '10Published in: Journal of Physical Chemistry A


The proton NMR spectral complexity arising due to severe overlap of peaks hampers their analyses in diverse situations, even by the application of two-dimensional experiments. The selective or complete removal of the couplings and retention of only the chemical shift interactions in indirect dimension aids in the simplification of the spectrum to a large extent with little investment of the instrument time. The present study provides precise enantiodiscrimination employing more anisotropic NMR parameters in the chiral liquid crystalline medium and differentiates the overlapped peaks of many organic molecules and peptides dissolved in isotropic solvents.