Selective area heteroepitaxy of GaSb on GaAs (001) for in-plane InAs nanowire achievement.

Research paper by M M Fahed, L L Desplanque, D D Troadec, G G Patriarche, X X Wallart

Indexed on: 20 Nov '16Published on: 20 Nov '16Published in: Nanotechnology


The growth of in-plane GaSb nanotemplates on a GaAs (001) substrate is demonstrated combining nanoscale patterning of the substrate and selective area heteroepitaxy. The selective growth of GaSb inside nano-stripe openings in a SiO2 mask layer is achieved at low temperature thanks to the use of an atomic hydrogen flux during the molecular beam epitaxy. These growth conditions promote the spreading of GaSb inside the apertures and lattice mismatch accommodation via the formation of a regular array of misfit dislocations at the interface between GaSb and GaAs. We highlight the impact of the nano-stripe orientation as well as the role of the Sb/Ga flux ratio on the strain relaxation of GaSb along the [110] direction and on the nanowire length along the [1-10] one. Finally we demonstrate how these GaSb nanotemplates can be used as pedestals for subsequent growth of in-plane InAs nanowires.