Selective adsorption, bound states, and potential parameters for He, Ne, and Ar interacting with a Cu(110) surface.

Research paper by T T Andersson, P P Linde, M M Hassel, S S Andersson

Indexed on: 25 Mar '06Published on: 25 Mar '06Published in: The Journal of chemical physics


Using nozzle beams of He, Ne, and Ar, we have measured diffractive selective adsorption resonances from a Cu(110) surface kept at 20 K. Bound state energies of the atom-surface potentials have been determined from plots of the measured resonance energies versus incident angle and their fits to calculated kinematical dispersion relations. For 3He and 4He we have found a unique level assignment that is compatible with a single gas-surface potential curve with a well depth of 6.05 meV of the He-Cu(110) potential. This value is about 10% larger than the prediction of 5.55 meV from the current physisorption theory. The Ne and Ar data reveal a large number of closely spaced levels with level separations and estimated van der Waals coefficients that are compatible with available theoretical data.