Selective access to trisubstituted macrocyclic E- and Z-alkenes from the ring-closing metathesis of vinylsiloxanes.

Research paper by Yikai Y Wang, Miguel M Jimenez, Patrick P Sheehan, Cheng C Zhong, Alvin W AW Hung, Chun Pong CP Tam, Damian W DW Young

Indexed on: 02 Mar '13Published on: 02 Mar '13Published in: Organic Letters


Macrocyclic (E)-alkenylsiloxanes, obtained from E-selective ring-closing metathesis reactions, can be converted to the corresponding (Z)-alkenyl bromides and (E)-alkenyl iodides allowing access to both E- and Z-trisubstituted macrocyclic alkenes. The reaction conditions and substrate scope of these stereoselective transformations are explored.