Segmentation of Moving Object with Uncovered Background, Temporary Poses and GMOB ☆

Research paper by Shubhangi Vaikole, Sudhir D. Sawarkar

Indexed on: 09 Apr '16Published on: 09 Apr '16Published in: Procedia Computer Science


Video has to be segmented into objects for content-based processing. A number of video object segmentation algorithms have been proposed such as semiautomatic and automatic. Semiautomatic methods adds burden to users and also not suitable for some applications. Automatic segmentation systems are still a challenge, although they are required by many applications. The proposed work aims at contributing to identify the gaps that are present in the current segmentation system and also to give the possible solutions to overcome those gaps so that the accurate and efficient video segmentation system can be developed. The proposed system aims to resolve the issue of uncovered background, Temporary poses and Global motion of background.