Secretion of pancreatic enzymes

Research paper by Leslie Zieve, Beatrice Mulford, Ann McHale

Indexed on: 01 Sep '66Published on: 01 Sep '66Published in: Digestive Diseases and Sciences


The response of subjects without gastrointestinal disease to pancreatic stimulation with a test meal or the simultaneous injection of secretin and pancreozymin was evaluated by measurements of enzyme activity in duodenal fluid aspirated. Percentage recovery of an unabsorbable marker was utilized to correct for incomplete recovery of duodenal fluid. Despite marked variability among individual subjects, the test meal was a more potent stimulus to pancreatic secretion than exogenous secretin and pancreozymin in the dosage used. Prior stimulation of the pancreas with exogenous secretin and pancreozymin augmented the response to the test meal.