Secondary fans and Tropical Severi varieties

Research paper by Jihyeon Jessie Yang

Indexed on: 05 Apr '15Published on: 05 Apr '15Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


This article studies the relationship between tropical Severi varieties and secondary fans. In the case when tropical Severi varieties are hypersurfaces this relationship is very well known; specifically, in this case, a tropical Severi variety of codimension 1 is a subfan of the corresponding secondary fan. It was expected for some time that this continues to hold more generally, but Katz found a counterexample in codimension 2, showing that this relationship is more subtle. The two main results in this paper are as follows. The first theorem finds a simple condition under which a tropical Severi variety cannot be a subfan of the corresponding secondary fan. The second theorem provides a partial converse, namely, we find conditions under which a cone of the secondary fan is fully contained in the tropical Severi variety. As a first application of these results, we also find a combinatorial formula for the tropical intersection multiplicities for secondary fans.