Seasonal distribution and migrations of Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus (Gadidae) in Anadyr Bay and adjacent waters

Research paper by A. B. Savin

Indexed on: 30 Sep '08Published on: 30 Sep '08Published in: Journal of Ichthyology


On the basis of bottom trawl surveys performed in Anadyr Bay and adjacent waters from 1979 to 2005 and data on commercial statistics, dates of migrations, and the spatial-bathymetric distribution of cod Gadus macrocephalus in different periods of the year are considered. Migrations of cod for feeding to Anadyr Bay begins in May. Its distribution in the summer period in the bay depends on the intensity and location of the Navarin Current and may noticeably vary from year to year. In September, back migration begins, and, by January, main cod aggregations leave the bay. From January to March, most cod winter and spawn beyond the studied area. The largest depths of cod habitation are typical for April (on average, 230 m), and minimal, for August (on average, 86 m).