Season of birth and handedness in young adults.

Research paper by Lorenzo L Tonetti, Ana A Adan, Hervé H Caci, Marco M Fabbri, Vincenzo V Natale

Indexed on: 15 Sep '12Published on: 15 Sep '12Published in: Laterality


This study explored the relationship between season of birth and handedness, taking into account gender and nationality variables. Young adults from three countries (2120 females and 1353 males; 877 Spanish, 2184 Italian, and 412 French), aged from 18 to 30 years, filled the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory (EHI). According to the literature, the percentage of left-handed participants in the whole sample was 9.30%. The distribution of left- and right-handed participants was not significantly different among the seasons of birth. The present data do not support a significant season of birth effect on handedness in young adults.