Search-to-Decision Reductions for Lattice Problems with Approximation Factors (Slightly) Greater Than One

Research paper by Noah Stephens-Davidowitz

Indexed on: 03 Jul '16Published on: 03 Jul '16Published in: Computer Science - Computational Complexity


We show the first dimension-preserving search-to-decision reductions for approximate SVP and CVP. In particular, for any $\gamma \leq 1 + O(\log n/n)$, we obtain an efficient dimension-preserving reduction from $\gamma^{O(n/\log n)}$-SVP to $\gamma$-GapSVP and an efficient dimension-preserving reduction from $\gamma^{O(n)}$-CVP to $\gamma$-GapCVP. These results generalize the known equivalences of the search and decision versions of these problems in the exact case when $\gamma = 1$. For SVP, we actually obtain something slightly stronger than a search-to-decision reduction---we reduce $\gamma^{O(n/\log n)}$-SVP to $\gamma$-unique SVP, a potentially easier problem than $\gamma$-GapSVP.