Search for New Physics in B Rare Decays at LHCb

Research paper by Marc-Olivier Bettler, for the LHCb Collaboration

Indexed on: 20 Oct '09Published on: 20 Oct '09Published in: High Energy Physics - Experiment


The LHCb experiment, bolstered up by the 10^12 b-hadrons to be produced yearly in its interaction region, is an excellent place to study rare B decays. Flavor-changing neutral currents are forbidden at tree level in the Standard Model. They proceed through loop diagrams and hence are indirectly sensitive to New Physics through the effect of new particles on observable quantities. In this paper, we present preparation studies of the three most promising B rare decay analyzes. These aim at the observation of the photon polarization in B_s to phi gamma, the measurement of the angular distribution of the B^0 to K* mu^+ mu^- decay, and the search for the yet unobserved B_s to mu^+ mu^- decay. The current analysis strategies and the expected sensitivities are presented.