Search for associated production of Higgs with Z boson in the noncommutative Standard Model at linear colliders

Research paper by Selvaganapathy J., Prasanta Kumar Das, Partha Konar

Indexed on: 22 Sep '15Published on: 22 Sep '15Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We study the associated Higgs production with Z boson at future linear colliders in the framework of the minimal noncommutative standard model. Using the Seiberg-Witten map, we calculate the production cross-section considering all orders of the noncommutative parameter $\Theta_{\mu\nu}$. We consider the effect of earth's rotation on the orientation of $\Theta_{\mu\nu}$ with respect to the laboratory frame and thus on the total cross-section, it's azimuthal distribution and rapidity distribution for the machine energy ranging from 0.5 TeV to 3.0 TeV corresponding to the noncommutative scale $\Lambda \ge $ 0.5 TeV.