Screening in a multicomponent plasma by the example of a wet air plasma

Research paper by A. V. Filippov, I. N. Derbenev; S. A. Kurkin

Indexed on: 02 Mar '18Published on: 01 Nov '17Published in: Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics


A general theory of screening of a dust-particle charge in a multicomponent plasma is developed based on the asymptotic screening theory. In the asymptotic theory, the balance equations for the number of charged plasma particles in the diffusion-drift approximation supplemented with point sinks of plasma particles on a dust particle and the Poisson equation for the self-consistent electric field potential are solved by the linearization method using the three-dimensional Fourier transform. The coefficients of a secular or a characteristic polynomial, whose zeroes determine screening constants in a multicomponent plasma, were calculated by the Leverrier–Faddeev method, allowing one to find these coefficients for any number of initial balance equations for the number of charged plasma particles. By the example of a wet air plasma produced by an external gas-ionization source, the procedure is considered for constructing the truncated system of balance equations for main plasma ions and screening constants are determined. The influence of the number of main ions on screening constants is considered and the physical meaning of all screening constants is found.