Screen Capture Recordings Enhance Connectedness Among Students, Course Content, and Faculty.

Research paper by Cheryl C Toulouse

Indexed on: 01 Sep '20Published on: 01 Sep '20Published in: The Journal of nursing education


The benefits of online education are well known and include increased access and flexibility. Despite the increased acceptance and availability of online courses, challenges exist related to increasing connectedness within the triad of students, course content, and faculty. Screen capture recordings (SCRs) are web-based audiovisual recordings that were used to deliver course materials in several nurse practitioner courses in two different educational settings. SCRs allow for meaningful feedback to be given in a warm and caring voice and were used to provide individual student feedback on assignments. Fifty students at a public university and 75 students at a private university received SCR course materials and faculty feedback. At both university settings, student response to SCR course materials and faculty feedback was overwhelmingly positive. SCRs enhance connectedness by conveying faculty tone, caring, and authentic human presence to students, thereby improving the student learning experience. [J Nurs Educ. 2020;59(9):531-535.]. Copyright 2020, SLACK Incorporated.