Schr\"odinger-Koopman quasienergy states of quantum systems driven by a classical flow

Research paper by David Viennot, Lucile Aubourg

Indexed on: 22 Feb '18Published on: 22 Feb '18Published in: arXiv - Mathematical Physics


We study the properties of the quasienergy states of a quantum system driven by a classical dynamical systems. The quasienergies are defined in a same manner as in light-matter interaction but where the Floquet approach is generalized by the use of the Koopman approach of dynamical systems. We show how the properties of the classical flow (fixed and cyclic points, ergodicity, chaos) influence the driven quantum system. This approach of the Schr\"odinger-Koopman quasienergies can be applied to quantum control, quantum information in presence of noises, and dynamics of mixed classical-quantum systems. We treat the example of a spin ensemble kicked following discrete classical flow as the Arnold's cat map and the Chirikov standard map.