Scalar triplet on a domain wall: an exact solution

Research paper by Vakhid A. Gani, Mariya A. Lizunova, Roman V. Radomskiy

Indexed on: 11 Apr '16Published on: 11 Apr '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We study a model with a real scalar Higgs field and a scalar triplet field that allows existence of a topological defect -- a domain wall. The wall breaks the global $O(3)$ symmetry of the model, which gives rise to non-Abelian orientational degrees of freedom. We found an exact analytic solution that describes a domain wall with a localized configuration of the triplet field on it. This solution enables one to calculate contributions to the action from the orientational and translational degrees of freedom of the triplet field. We also study the linear stability of the domain wall with the triplet field switched off. We obtain that degrees of freedom localized on the wall can appear or do not appear depending on the parameters of the model.