A. H. Burrell, D. J. Szwer, S. C. Webster, D. M. Lucas


We describe single-shot readout of a trapped-ion multi-qubit register using space and time-resolved camera detection. For a single qubit we measure 0.9(3)x10^{-4} readout error in 400us exposure time, limited by the qubit's decay lifetime. For a four-qubit register (a "qunybble") we measure an additional error of only 0.1(1)x10^{-4} per qubit, despite the presence of 4% optical cross-talk between neighbouring qubits. A study of the cross-talk indicates that the method would scale with negligible loss of fidelity to ~10000 qubits at a density <~1 qubit/um^2, with a readout time ~1us/qubit.