Sausage MHD Waves in Incompressible Flux Tubes with Twisted Magnetic Fields

Research paper by Robert Erdélyi, Viktor Fedun

Indexed on: 09 Sep '06Published on: 09 Sep '06Published in: Solar Physics


Twisted magnetic flux tubes are of considerable interest because of their natural occurrence from the Sun’s interior, throughout the solar atmosphere and interplanetary space up to a wide range of applicabilities to astrophysical plasmas. The aim of the present work is to obtain analytically a dispersion equation of linear wave propagation in twisted incompressible cylindrical magnetic waveguides and find appropriate solutions for surface, body and pseudobody sausage modes (i.e. m = 0) of a twisted magnetic flux tube embedded in an incompressible but also magnetically twisted plasma. Asymptotic solutions are derived in long- and short-wavelength approximations. General solutions of the dispersion equation for intermediate wavelengths are obtained numerically. We found, that in case of a constant, but non-zero azimuthal component of the equilibrium magnetic field outside the flux tube the index ν of Bessel functions in the dispersion relation is not integer any more in general. This gives rise to a rich mode-structure of degenerated magneto-acoustic waves in solar flux tubes. In a particular case of a uniform magnetic twist the total pressure is found to be constant across the boundary of the flux tube. Finally, the effect of magnetic twist on oscillation periods is estimated under solar atmospheric conditions. It was found that a magnetic twist will increase, in general, the periods of waves approximately by a few percent when compared to their untwisted counterparts.