Saturable absorber based on a single mode fiber - graded index fiber - single mode fiber structure with inner micro-cavity.

Research paper by Fan F Yang, D N DN Wang, Zhaokun Z Wang, Liujiang L Li, Chun-Liu CL Zhao, Ben B Xu, Shangzhong S Jin, Shi-Ying SY Cao, Zhan-Jun ZJ Fang

Indexed on: 07 Feb '18Published on: 07 Feb '18Published in: Optics express


An Er-doped mode-locked fiber laser with a saturable absorber based on single mode - graded index multimode - single mode fiber (SMF-GIMF-SMF) with inner micro-cavity is demonstrated. The modulation depth of the saturable absorber was measured to be 1.9% when the SMF-GIMF-SMF structure is bent to a certain state. Such a simple saturable absorber enables the mode-locking operation in a ring Er-doped fiber laser and ultrafast pulses with pulse energy of 0.026 nJ and pulse width of 528 fs at the fundamental repetition rate of 14.34 MHz can be generated. In addition, the harmonic mode-locking operation can also be achieved.