Sarcocystis miescheriana infection in domestic pigs (Sus scrofa) in the Philippines.

Research paper by F G FG Claveria, C C De La Peña, M J MJ Cruz-Flores

Indexed on: 06 Sep '01Published on: 06 Sep '01Published in: The Journal of parasitology


Sarcocystis miescheriana sarcocysts were identified in skeletal muscles of 9 (27%) of 33 swine slaughtered for human consumption. Sarcocysts were 144-180 microm x 20-38 microm in size. Ultrastructurally, the cyst wall resembled the type 10 sarcocyst wall. The villar protrusions (VP) were 3-4.5 microm long and 0.6-1.2 microm wide and had prominent longitudinally arranged microtubules extending from the VP tips to the granular layer (=ground substance). The parasitophorous vacuolar membrane with its underlying electron-dense layer (EDL) measured 25 nm in thickness. The base of the VP exhibited minute (0.42-0.87 microm) bulblike inpocketings. Each VP had 80-90 microtubules situated underneath the EDL. The granular layer was 0.5-1.2 microm thick, and contained hairlike microtubules continuous with those of the VP core. This is the first report of S. miescheriana in Philippine domestic pigs Sus scrofa.