Safe and durable high-temperature lithium-sulfur batteries via molecular layer deposited coating.

Research paper by Xia X Li, Andrew A Lushington, Qian Q Sun, Wei W Xiao, Jian J Liu, Biqiong B Wang, Yifan Y Ye, Kaiqi K Nie, Yongfeng Y Hu, Qunfeng Q Xiao, Ruying R Li, Jinghua J Guo, Tsun-Kong TK Sham, Xueliang X Sun

Indexed on: 14 May '16Published on: 14 May '16Published in: Nano Letters


Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery is a promising high energy storage candidate in electric vehicles. However, the commonly employed ether based electrolyte does not enable to realize safe high-temperature Li-S batteries due to the low boiling and flash temperatures. Traditional carbonate based electrolyte obtains safe physical properties in high temperature but does not complete reversible electrochemical reaction for most Li-S batteries. Here we realize safe high temperature Li-S batteries on universal carbon-sulfur electrodes by molecular layer deposited (MLD) alucone coating. Sulfur cathodes with MLD coating complete reversible electrochemical process in carbonate electrolyte and exhibit safe and ultra-stable cycle life at high temperature, which promise practicable Li-S batteries for electric vehicles and other large-scale energy storage systems.