Roux-type constructions for covering arrays of strengths three and four

Research paper by Charles J. Colbourn, Sosina S. Martirosyan, Tran Van Trung, Robert A. Walker

Indexed on: 01 Oct '06Published on: 01 Oct '06Published in: Designs, Codes and Cryptography


A covering array CA(N;t,k,v) is an N  ×  k array such that every N  ×  t sub-array contains all t-tuples from v symbols at least once, where t is the strength of the array. Covering arrays are used to generate software test suites to cover all t-sets of component interactions. Recursive constructions for covering arrays of strengths 3 and 4 are developed, generalizing many “Roux-type” constructions. A numerical comparison with current construction techniques is given through existence tables for covering arrays.