Routing Technology in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

Research paper by Zheng Enxing, Liu Ranran

Indexed on: 23 Sep '16Published on: 23 Sep '16Published in: Wireless Personal Communications


With rapid development of wireless communication, sensor, micro power system and electronic technology, the research on wireless sensor network has attracted more and more attention. The work proposed routing algorithm in wireless sensor network based on ant colony optimization by analyzing routing protocol and utilizing advanced idea. Ant colony optimization algorithm has advantages in implementing local work, supporting multiple paths and integrating link quality into pheromone formation. In routing selection, the work calculated probability that node is selected as the next hop according to pheromone concentration on the path. With characteristics including self-organization, dynamic and multipath, ant colony optimization algorithm is suitable for routing in wireless sensor network. With low routing cost, good adaptability and multipath, the algorithm balanced energy consumption to prolong network lifetime. In terms of simulation and experiments, ant colony algorithm was proved to be suitable for finding optimal routing in wireless sensor network, thus achieving design goal of routing algorithm.