Rock-and-roll skyrmion propagation under parametric pumping

Research paper by H. Y. Yuan, X. S. Wang, Man-Hong Yung, X. R. Wang

Indexed on: 19 Apr '18Published on: 19 Apr '18Published in: arXiv - Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect


We address the problem of how magnetic skyrmions can propagate along a guided direction by parametric pumping. As evidenced by our micromagnetic simulations, skyrmions can hardly be driven by either a static electric field or a static magnetic field alone. Although the magnetic anisotropy can be modified by an electric field, parametric pumping with an oscillating electric field can only excite the breathing modes. On the other hand, a static magnetic field can break rotational symmetry through the Zeeman interaction, but it cannot serve as an energy source for propelling a skyrmion. Here we found that the combination of a perpendicularly oscillating electric field and an in-plane static magnetic field can drive a skyrmion undergoing a wiggling motion along a well defined trajectory. The most efficient driving occurs when the frequency of the oscillating field is close to that of the breathing mode of a skyrmion. The physical mechanism is analyzed with a generalized Thiele equation, where we find that a net spin current excited by the parametric pumping can drive the skyrmion propagation through angular momentum transfer. Compared with other alternative proposals, our results open new possibilities for manipulating skyrmions in both metals and insulators with low-power consumption and high precision.