Robust Optimal Portfolio Choice Under Markovian Regime-switching Model

Research paper by Robert J. Elliott, Tak Kuen Siu

Indexed on: 07 Jun '08Published on: 07 Jun '08Published in: Methodology and computing in applied probability


We investigate an optimal portfolio selection problem in a continuous-time Markov-modulated financial market when an economic agent faces model uncertainty and seeks a robust optimal portfolio strategy. The key market parameters are assumed to be modulated by a continuous-time, finite-state Markov chain whose states are interpreted as different states of an economy. The goal of the agent is to maximize the minimal expected utility of terminal wealth over a family of probability measures in a finite time horizon. The problem is then formulated as a Markovian regime-switching version of a two-player, zero-sum stochastic differential game between the agent and the market. We solve the problem by the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman approach.