Robust MPC under event-triggered mechanism and Round-Robin protocol: An average dwell-time approach

Research paper by Kaiqun Zhu, Yan Song; Derui Ding; Guoliang Wei; Hongjian Liu

Indexed on: 01 Jun '18Published on: 30 May '18Published in: Information Sciences


Publication date: August 2018 Source:Information Sciences, Volumes 457–458 Author(s): Kaiqun Zhu, Yan Song, Derui Ding, Guoliang Wei, Hongjian Liu This paper is concerned with the problem of robust model predictive control (MPC) for a class of systems with polytopic uncertainties. First, the event-triggered mechanism is introduced in order to reduce energy consumption when data is transmitted through the sensor-to-controller network. And the Round-Robin (RR) protocol is utilized to prevent data from collision when it transmitted over the controller-to-actuator network. Second, the token-dependent Lyapunov-like approach is used to handle a switched system model which is established by taking into account both the event-triggered mechanism and the RR protocol. Third, the average dwell-time (ADT) approach, together with a token-dependent Lyapunov-like function, is used to derive some less conservative conditions to guarantee the recursive feasibility of the robust MPC algorithm and the input-to-state stability of the closed-loop system under study. Finally, an example is utilized to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.