RNA interference induced by siRNAs modified with 4'-thioribonucleosides.

Research paper by Shuichi S Hoshika, Noriaki N Minakawa, Akira A Matsuda

Indexed on: 08 Dec '06Published on: 08 Dec '06Published in: Nucleic acids symposium series


Short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) variously modified with 4'-thioribonucleosides against the photinus luciferase gene and the renilla luciferase gene were tested for their induction of the RNA interference (RNAi) activity in cultured NIH/3T3 cells. Results indicated that modifications with 4'-thioribonucleosides on siRNA against the photinus luciferase were as potent as natural siRNA. On the other hand, modifications with 4'-thioribonucleosides on natural siRNA against the renilla luciferase improved their RNAi activity. These results suggest that 4'-thioribonucleosides might be potentially useful in the development of novel and effective chemically modified siRNAs.