Rhenium(VII) solvent extraction with mixtures of tertiary amine and oxygen-containing extractants from sulphate media

Research paper by Anna M. Petrova, Aleksandr G. Kasikov

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 03 Feb '16Published in: Hydrometallurgy


The extraction of rhenium(VII) from sulfate media by mixtures of tri-iso-octylamine (TIOA) and oxygen-containing reagents (2-octanol, 2-octanone, phenetole) has been examined. The synergistic effect for mixtures of TIOA and electron-donor reagents (ketone, ether) was established. The maximal synergistic enhancement factor (3.1) was observed for the “TIOA-2-octanone” mixture. Rhenium(VII) was extracted by this mixture as (R3NH)ReO4 ∙ 0.2B. The maximal rhenium(VII) extraction was found at weak acid concentrations in aqueous phase (pH ~ 2–3), whereas the “TIOA-ketone” mixture could extract rhenium(VII) from weak alkaline media (pH ~ 7–9) in contrast to the “TIOA-alcohol” mixture.

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