Reweighting towards the chiral limit

Research paper by Anna Hasenfratz, Roland Hoffmann, Stefan Schaefer

Indexed on: 15 May '08Published on: 15 May '08Published in: High Energy Physics - Lattice


We propose to perform fully dynamical simulations at small quark masses by reweighting in the quark mass. This approach avoids some of the technical difficulties associated with direct simulations at very small quark masses. We calculate the weight factors stochastically, using determinant breakup and low mode projection to reduce the statistical fluctuations. We find that the weight factors fluctuate only moderately on nHYP smeared dynamical Wilson-clover ensembles, and we could successfully reweight 16^4, (1.85fm)^4 volume configurations from m_q = 20MeV to m_q = 5MeV quark masses, reaching the epsilon-regime. We illustrate the strength of the method by calculating the low energy constant F from the epsilon-regime pseudo-scalar correlator.