Revision of the world Apenesia Westwood (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae).

Research paper by Isabel D C C IDCC Alencar, Celso O CO Azevedo

Indexed on: 02 Apr '20Published on: 02 Apr '20Published in: Zootaxa


The world species of Apenesia are revised. Twenty-seven previously described species of Pristocerinae are addressed to Apenesia: A. amoena Evans, A. bicolor Vargas Terayama, A. chontalica Westwood, A. conradti Kieffer, A. delicata Evans, A. dominica Evans, A. flavipes Cameron, A. formosa Vargas Terayama, A. laevigata (Evans), A. levis Kieffer, A. leytensis (Terayama), A. makiharai (Sawada, Terayama Mita), A. malaitensis Brues, A. miki (Terayama), A. modesta (Smith), A. nigra Kieffer, A. parasitica (Smith), A. perlonga Corrêa Azevedo, A. proxima Kieffer, A. punctata Kieffer, A. sahyadrica Azevedo Waichert, A. singularis Lanes Azevedo, A. sjostedti (Tullgren), A. substriata Kieffer, A. unicolor Kieffer, and A. vaurieorum Evans. Additionally, 21 new species are described and illustrated: Apenesia amenula sp. nov.; A. aniela sp. nov.; A. azeda sp. nov.; A. beliella sp. nov.; A. berela sp. nov.; A. bifiela sp. nov.; A. celiela sp. nov.; A. chandela sp. nov.; A. cila sp. nov.; A. colombela sp. nov.; A. elela sp. nov.; A. esila sp. nov.; A. eura sp. nov.; A. farela sp. nov.; A. gabela sp. nov.; A. girena sp. nov.; A. goela sp. nov.; A. itoiela sp. nov.; A. joela sp. nov.; A. juliela sp. nov. and A. kelsiela sp. nov. The sexual association of A. celiela and A. azeda was possible due to biological data information. A key to species based on males is presented. The genus Apenesia is a parasitiod of beetles that live in galleries in dead wood or seeds.