Review on the renewable energy and solid waste management policies towards biogas development in Malaysia

Research paper by Cassendra Phun Chien Bong, Wai Shin Ho, Haslenda Hashim, Jeng Shiun Lim, Chin Siong Ho, William Soo Peng Tan, Chew Tin Lee

Indexed on: 10 Mar '17Published on: 29 Dec '16Published in: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews


The development of renewable energy is of paramount importance towards the energy security and environment integrity of Malaysia. The Malaysia government has been implementing various policies that could facilitate the advancement of renewable energy technology and increase its contribution to the national energy mix to reduce the country dependency on fossil fuels. On the other hand, due to rapid urbanization and population growth, there is also increasing concern over the high production rate of organic waste. Among the renewable energy available, biogas is of great interest due to its ability to treat organic waste and generate power addressing both concerns simultaneously. This paper aims to review some of the important policies on renewable energy followed by the emphasis on solid waste management policies towards effective implementation of biogas generation from municipal solid waste. The biogas network is divided into three phases on a life cycle basis, namely MSW as feedstock, biogas production and biogas utilization. Under each phase, several important stages were identified. Analysis was performed to identify the role of currently implemented policies as well as the lacking support and challenges. It was envisioned that with proper SWM policies, in terms of waste collection, waste segregation and allocation of resources, which can be further complemented with more financial initiatives and technical support under the RE policies, the biogas development in Malaysia can progress more efficiently. Several supportive actions needed were derived from the analysis and presented in three figures, representing each of the phase, which could constitute a solid biogas framework.

Figure 10.1016/j.rser.2016.12.004.0.jpg