Reversible state transfer between superconducting qubits and atomic ensembles

Research paper by D. Petrosyan, G. Bensky, G. Kurizki, I. Mazets, J. Majer, J. Schmiedmayer

Indexed on: 05 Feb '09Published on: 05 Feb '09Published in: Quantum Physics


We examine the possibility of coherent, reversible information transfer between solid-state superconducting qubits and ensembles of ultra-cold atoms. Strong coupling between these systems is mediated by a microwave transmission line resonator that interacts near-resonantly with the atoms via their optically excited Rydberg states. The solid-state qubits can then be used to implement rapid quantum logic gates, while collective metastable states of the atoms can be employed for long-term storage and optical read-out of quantum information.